Ranunculus, Anenome and Other Beautiful Things

In autumn, the work of removing spent flower vines and cutting perennials back to the ground can be arduous at times; not so much when you are reworking the beds, adding wonderful compost, and making room to plant new varieties. The bulbs, rootstock and corms I ordered from Holland arrived and I spent this week getting the ground ready and planting them.

pink ranunculus and blue anenome

white rannunculus[caption id="attachment_957" align="alignnone" width="4928"]Tricyrtis Tricyrtis



Ixia giant

Ixia giant

delphinium blue pacific giants

delphinium blue pacific giants

gladiola acidanthera

gladiola acidanthera

class=”size-full wp-image-951″ /> pink ranunculus and blue anenome[/caption]

Spring is Around the Corner

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Time to start planting the seeds that will germinate in the warm house on my big table next to south facing windows. Last night I planted tons of sweet peas, Queen Anne’s Lace, aster, nicotiania, and other seeds. As soon as they sprout, I take them over to the greenhouse where I water and watch them closely for the next 10 weeks until the first week of May when I can plant them in the field after the danger of frost is over. More seeds will be planted at eight weeks, six weeks, five weeks and four weeks (before the last frost date). Since I don’t have a heated greenhouse, germinating them in the warm kitchen where a wood stove keeps the temperature at 70-73 degrees, works well. They need the constant exposure to the sun that the greenhouse provides as soon as they germinate. As I move them over there, I start new seeds to take their place on the long table.

Crescent Lake July Wedding

I love going up to Crescent Lake! It is one of my favorite spots on the Olympic Peninsula, and only about 20 miles further west than Port Angeles. Doing the flowers for Gina and Jonathan’s wedding was really a pleasant experience for me. Gina and I did everything by email and via my website and our mutual Pinterest posts. This is the most common way I communicate with brides. It helps me to see  photos of flowers and decorations that they like to get an idea of the style they want their wedding to be. The bride  sends me a photo of her wedding dress, and this helps me design the perfect bouquet. Gina and her fiance were teaching in Costa Rica, and so they only came back to the states a short while before their wedding. Still, the two of them managed to come out to the farm and choose the flowers that they wanted to use. Johnathan chose the flowers for his boutonniere. The wedding was held at Nature Bridge, a wonderful old lodge and cabins with its own beach, a grand lawn, and dock; tucked a short ways away through a little forest  from the Crescent Lake Lodge. The Nature Bridge lodge and cabins can host about 80 people and you get the entire place for the whole weekend, even meals. I think as far as weddings go, it is a pretty good deal. Kind of like taking all of your friends and family to camp for the weekend.


-NatureBridge08Lake-Crescent-Wedding-NatureBridge017\Naturebridge 4



NatureBridge 6NatureBridge3

NatureBridge 5Naturebridge 4


Holiday Gifts

Here’s an idea for the flower lover for the holidaze….a gift certificate from Annie’s Flower Farm! You can purchase these in $25 or $100 amounts.

Or you can purchase a CSA membership and receive weekly hand tied bouquets or a bucket of flowers each week all summer. See CSA on the website for prices.

Email sid@anniesflowerfarm.com. Gift Certificate -1-1

These funds will help us purchase things we need for spring such as seeds, soil amendments, greenhouse supplies, etc.

SlowFlowers.com Interview/Podcast with Debra Prinzing

“The mother of the ‘Slow Flower’ movement, Prinzing is making a personal crusade to encourage people to think about floral purchases the same way they may approach what they eat: Buy locally grown flowers or grow them yourself.”

–Debbie Arrington, The Sacramento Bee

“Debra Prinzing . . . has done more to celebrate and explain ethical + eco-friendly flowers than I could ever hope to.”

–Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge

I wanted to quickly post this audio interview with Sid Anna Sherwood, of Annie’s Flower Farm in Sequim,…

Growing all this Magic from a Little Seed

I love growing all of the varieties of flowers I learned to grow at The Cutting Garden. I I start the seeds in the greenhouse in February. Sometimes the seeds I have left outside to self sow catch up right about the first week of May. These annuals are: nigella “Love in a Mist”, clarey sage, glompherena globosa and green mist. In all I grow over 200 varieties of cut flowers. They feed the bees!

Nigella whiteclarey sage 2glompherena globosa tall mix

Green Mist

July Wedding at Fort Worden

“We just got our wedding pictures back and I wanted to send you a few pictures of the incredibly beautiful bouquet you arranged for my wedding.They were wonderful and perfect!  You were such a great help with our day- thank you! “
All the best,
Lovely people! Bride and groom at Fort Worden.

Lovely people! Bride and groom at Fort Worden.

Heirloom roses, white and blue and torquoise hydrangea, stock,

Heirloom roses, white, blue and turquoise hydrangea, stock, scabiosa, yarrow “summer pastels”. sweet pea “midnight in Paris” mignonette

The bride and bridesmaids. Their bouquets were all white, with just one turquoise hydrangea.

The bride and bridesmaids. Their bouquets were all white, with just one turquoise hydrangea.